3CX Pricing

3CX is licenced per concurrent call which means you can have as many extensions as you like but you only licence for how many concurrent calls you use. For example a contact centre will be much heavier use  than say a large hotel with an extension in every room. We feel this is a much fairer way than paying for idle extensions. Also you get the longest try before you buy ever!!!! your first year of standard is FREE !!!!!!!

Pricing is based on the number of concurrent calls, including internal and external calls. The Standard edition is free for the first year, prices shown are for the 2nd year onwards.
4 SC (generally less than 10 Users) FREE £213 £258
8 SC (generally up to 24 users) FREE £276 £335
16 SC (generally up to 50 users) FREE
£554 £672
24 SC (generally up to 70 users) FREE
£835 £1,012
32 SC (generally up to 100 users) FREE
£1,256 £1,522
48 SC (generally up to 140 users) FREE
£1,894 £2,296
64 SC (generally up to 200 users) FREE
£2,518 £3,052
96 SC (generally up to 290 users) FREE
£3,780 £4,582
128 SC (generally up to 380 users) FREE
£4,902 £5,942
192 SC (generally up to 550 users) FREE
£7,364 £8,926
256 SC (generally up to 750 users) FREE
£9,811 £11,892
512 SC (generally up to 1500 users) FREE
£15,421 £18,692
1024 SC (generally up to 4100 users) FREE
£28,043 £33,992
Please call for a quote for larger systems

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