GDPR System Overview

We partner with the best of bread software providers to ensure that you get the solution that best suits your data tracking need. 

Privacy teams apply an iterative process 

  • Identify objectives (risks and opportunities)

  • Plan activities (what/when/how/who)

  • Allocate resources and establish internal governance structure

  • Continuously evaluate processes and improve plan and execution

  • Report on risk and compliance status and program progress

  • Work towards established goals and targets 

  • Assessments, Trainings, Internal Controls and Reporting etc

  • Be efficient in supporting the organization in case of breaches, data subjects request or new vendors and projects

Data Mapping

Build and model your data processing activities via an intelligent, guided flow. Get the right structure and appropriate level of detail and keep it evergreen in one single system.

Map everything from data subject categories to assets and business processes in one place. With all data interconnected, you can make changes and ensure they are mirrored correctly in your system.

Easily identify gaps, and monitor high-risk areas such as sensitive data processing with our risk dashboard.

With a combination of data import functionality and intuitive flows, no consultants or certifications are needed to get started. Our customers frequently tell us that our interface is simpler than anything else they’ve tried.

                                              E-learning Pro

                                              Educate staff and drive awareness at scale. Take the guesswork out of privacy training with a simple course builder – making course creation easy for you to learn, and even easier for your coworkers to use.

                                              Insert videos, images or plain text into your course. Use the material you have today and insert it directly into the tool.

                                              Attach questions to your courses and a set a pass/fail limit. Get in-depth breakdowns on what works and what doesn’t, so you can adapt your content accordingly.

                                              Get started with a library of video courses covering privacy basics, provided by the in-house team. Pro users will also get new material as we continuously support the feature.

                                                          Reports & Visualization

                                                          Make the value of your efforts apparent in seconds. Generate easy-to-read reports in a few clicks, and use graphics-based dashboards to view your progress at a glance.

                                                          Select which data points you want to include and click download. We’ll handle the rest.

                                                          See how your data is transferred across the globe, clearly illustrating how data flows and the involved parties’ roles and relationships.

                                                          See all planned activities in the privacy program dashboard to identify gaps and areas of improvement.


                                                          Gain a clearer understanding of your processing risks. With our full DPIA flow, you can breeze through legal complexity for a more accurate Data Protection Impact Assessment.

                                                          Cover the right aspects on the right level of detail. Our DPIA guides you through the process and ensures your conclusions are properly documented.

                                                          Minimise time requesting detailed information and immediately assign an impact assessment review to relevant stakeholders. 

                                                          Plan activities to address issues that are identified with Tasks, enabling you to not only assess and document risk, but also to take necessary actions.


                                                          Spend less time organising and structuring, and more time on driving real impact. Tasks allow you to automate and simplify activities in your privacy program, giving you more time to focus on the things that truly matter.

                                                          Add descriptions, assignees, files, comments, approval flows, and more – or just add a title to get started. Tasks can be as detailed or simple as you want them to be.

                                                          See what type of tasks are planned, when they are happening and if they’re happening according to plan with a new, visual dashboard.

                                                          Add a task, set how often it should recur and activate a reminder. We’ll create the follow-up tasks and notify you when something needs to be done via email, so you’ll never have to worry about getting stuff done on time.

                                                          Assessments Pro 

                                                          Build, send and analyse assessments from the comfort of your desk. Track privacy risks in your processing activities, identify potential challenges and decide on your next steps.

                                                          Build your own assessments and send them to anyone with a feature-rich form builder.

                                                          Attach risk values to questions and have a preliminary analysis ready as soon as the assessment’s been filled in.

                                                          Create customised DPIAs and involve various internal and external stakeholders.
                                                          Enjoy an ever-expanding library of templates as a Pro user, from LIA’s to new projects and new vendor assessments.

                                                          Incidents & Breaches

                                                          Be ready when lightning strikes. Guided flows help you assess risk and impact by collecting the right data – allowing you to act fast (if needed).

                                                          Risk scoring, mitigation factors and clear documentation. We ensure you leave no stone unturned so you can accurately assess risks and impacts when we summarize your findings.

                                                          Access to information about how data is used, what internal and external parties are involved and how the data is stored and accessible, you’ll be prepared to deal with any situation.

                                                          In the case of breaches, supervisory authorities are likely to come knocking if you don’t give them the right information. We’ll help you get it right the first time.

                                                          Vendor Management

                                                          Get in control of your third party relationships. Manage and control risks related to your vendors and other external parties.

                                                          Get guided through the questions you should consider regarding data processors and other recipients. What data do they process, where, on what instructions and are there sub-processors involved?

                                                          Your mapped data enables us to share actionable insights, so you can identify where processing instructions or third-country transfer mechanisms are missing, or where a data processing agreement is not yet in place.

                                                          Involve your data processors in keeping your data processing inventory up to date and accurate. The Reviews feature enables you to automate third party risk reviews.

                                                          Data Subject Requests

                                                          Document and organise requests, making it easy to prioritise cases and find the right data. Powered by purpose-built data inventory and visualisation features.

                                                          Keep track of requests, due dates and who’s controlling the data internally. Connect subject request’s data to what you’ve already mapped out.

                                                          Visualise the processing of the relevant data – from source, to how it’s used and who it’s shared with – with two simple clicks.

                                                          Download all data connected to a request as a CSV or plain text file, allowing you to easily share it with whoever might need it.

                                                          Build and embed a DSR form using our Portals feature – forming a complete subject request management workflow within the system

                                                          Transparency Widget

                                                          Per visitor customised and layered information through self-service directly on your website. Audience relevant and updated, always in your control.

                                                          We believe in the importance of proactive and trustworthy relationship management with customers and employees. The system offers tools for flexible privacy notice management, and the chance to minimize data subject access requests by displaying your personal data processing upfront.

                                                          Transparency Widget allows for sharing relevant information with various groups of individuals. Questions about your data processing practices are dealt with before they become concerns. Save time and decrease costs in the long-term by offering a no-touch solution to requests from individuals and other external, and internal, parties.

                                                          Data Protection Hotline

                                                          Are you unsure about how data protection regulations apply to your organisation? Do you want a second pair of eyes before pulling the trigger on an important decision?

                                                          No problem. Hotline is here to help, just email your inquiry to the team and the data protection experts will call you back to discuss your situation.

                                                          Transition Services

                                                          Moving to new systems can be daunting, especially when you’ve poured hours to making your current setup work. With our Transition Services, we’ll take the move off your hands and let you focus on more important matters.

                                                          Data Mapping
                                                          We’ll move your existing data inventory from Excel or any other software you’ve been using.

                                                          Pack up your LIAs, pre-DPIAs and all other assessments, then share them with us. We’ll set them up so you only have to press “send” in the app.

                                                          We’ll turn your training material into courses in our E-learning feature, so you can spread awareness at scale with a few clicks.