FX & Money Movement

We build bespoke solutions with our partners to enable the efficient and cost effective movement of legitimate money where the general market fails to provide a suitable solution.

Cross boarder payments

Via our network it is possible to make and receive payments efficiently to and from almost anywhere in the world, in particular we can arrange transactions with the Asia region to and from any currency using mid market rates and low transaction fees. 

All our partners are regulated and settlements are generally made same day with a few exceptions for certain currencies which can be up to T+2.

All the transactions are compliant with local regulations, anti money laundering laws and counter financing terrorism regulations.

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Bulk Cash Handling

In many regions of the world cash is still king, this presents a problem when trying to bank bulk cash (equivalent $10m USD upwards). 

As long as the cash can be proven to come from a legitimate source, we can help by using our network we will :-

  • Define the document requirements based on where the cash is, where you would like it banked and in which currencies

  • Prepare and submit all the KYC, AML and other regulatory and compliance requirements

  • Arrange for the cash to be checked before and after transport.

  • Arrange all the security and transport (land, air, transition through airports etc)

  • Arrange for a suitable account to be opened in your name if one does not exist

  • Have the cash verified and banked into your account less the pre-agreed costs and fees.

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