Infotech Client Engagement

Nearly all our engagements follow the path below. We tailor the scale of each step to suit the engagement we are working on.

Step 1 - Initial Engagement

One of our team will work with you through your requirements and vision of success. We then look at the best way of achieving your goals and provide you with a free overview of our offering to achieve your vision. 

Step -2 Initial Discovery and Feasibility

Our team then work with your business to discover the as is situation and work out a high level path to your success. This is funded by you with a guarantee that if we discover we would be unable to provide a suitable solution at any point during this phase we will refund any unspent funds. 

You will be presented with the following for review. 

  • A project mandate (enough information to initiate the project)

  • Project approach (how will we go about delivering success)

  • A 1st draft quality plan (what success looks like)

  • A 1st draft plan (a rough estimate of what needs to be done and how long it will take)

  • An estimate of the internal effort and external costs for the next step. 

Step 3 - Initiate the Project

Based on the output of step 2 we work on creating all the controls and elements required to deliver the project. including. 

  • Risks and Issues management

  • Dependency mapping

  • Designs

  • Resource requirement (internal and external) 

  • Detailed plans

  • Quality Management (success criteria, test plans)

  • Communication plan (both project reporting and business wide communication) 

  • Define team structure and work package process

  • Project controls (stage management, entry / exit criteria) 

  • Cost control (refine estimates, measure plan vs actual) 

  • Progress management (ensure that all the elements line up and dependency requirements will be met)

Step 4 - Get Started

Given step 3 has defined what needs to be done we can get started executing the project plan. 

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