As the sun rises on the new normal we can help you adapt your technology  to satisfy your business needs. 

Project Management

InfoTech helps clients improve and deploy efficient IT infrastructure by enhancing performance and well-managed systems, backed up by an experienced team. The professionalism of our people, combined with the unique flexibility ensures that we deliver a fast, exceptionally reliable and unusually accountable service to our clients.

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Business Transformation

Are you making the most of the opportunity presented by our rapidly changing world? Even without the immediate impact of COVID-19 and impending BREXIT changes, the last few years have seen organisations under increasing pressure to modernise their ways of working to enable them to compete effectively in the 21st Century. Not only can  InfoTech  help you survive, but we can also help you grow.

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Hosting & Infrastructure

Whist Infotech offer a wide range of hosting services from Microsoft (Office 365, Azure etc) we also have a much simpler offering for those situations where others are too heavyweight. Our cloud solution has everything you need without the complexity. From registering a domain to hosting your applications on a dedicated server. 

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IT Engineering

Build - Install - Maintain
Our team have a wide range of skills from unit swap to component level fixes

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Cyber Security

We are very proud to offer security products from the best of breed in the market

Here at InfoTech Projects we believe in the right tool for the right job. We have teamed up with GFi and Checkpoint so that no matter what your requirements are, we have a solution

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GDPR Compliance

There are still many companies that do not meet their GDPR legislative obligations. We have teams that are ready and able to take these through their compliance journey quickly and safely. Our subscription service offerings ensure compliance is maintained and gives support in the event of a breach..

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Telephony and video conferencing

We are seeing more companies looking to adopt remote working as the new normal. We have an excellent solution that brings your office telephony, conferencing, video conferencing and much more to your remote users with ease.

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Services in conjunction with our partners


As well as our internal team we have access to a vast array of industry experts who the team have worked with on previous projects and assignments, offering the ability to hit the ground running and deliver excellent service and project delivery quickly and effectively.    

Logistics Systems 

Our partners, as Logistics & Change professionals, use their expertise to help our customers capitalise on their expertise; creating modern 21st Century, customer-centric services that help them secure their short and long term success.

FX and money movement

Our clients have access to our innovative proprietary online payments platform allowing them to execute automated payments, individual and batch payments, foreign exchange trades both internally and to third party recipients